Southwest Finland economy is booming, and the region provides a myriad of different job opportunities. The workforce demand is especially pressing on preparatory, pharmaceutical and maritime industries. Maritime industry alone expects to hire over 10 000 new professionals by 2023! This leads to demand also on the construction industry and service sector.

SHIFT Business Festival is an excellent opportunity to meet these companies - and more! See who’s attending.

By purchasing the festival ticket, you’ll have access to the full festival program for two days. But what’s even better, you can access the Brella matchmaking tool during the festival. With Brella you can set up a profile, browse other attendees’ profiles and suggest one-on-one meetings in the SHIFT Venue. Who knows? Maybe a two-day festival experience will turn into a lifetime adventure.

Don’t waste another minute, get your ticket now! Students will enter the festival for the discount price of EUR 45 (+vat 24%).

See you in Turku!